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The CUSTOM BLISS BUNDLE SET is the ultimate luxury set for those seeking to elevate their style. With a custom necklace, bracelet, and matching watch that’s adjustable to fit , this set offers endless possibilities for a flawless everyday look. Glam up with ease and precision - experience the power of customization today. Leave the names or words you want on each piece in the box provided during customization.  



• 1 Custom Necklace 

• 1 Custom Bracelet 

•1 Matching Watch 

• Filled with cubic zirconia Stones for a long lasting sparkle & shine  

• Hypoallegenic 



  • Material Finished: 18k White Gold Premium Plated
  • Base Material: Copper - will not fade or rust
  • Stones: Flawless AAAA VVS Simulated Diamonds (CZ)
  • Setting: Handmade Micro Pave setting


Quality takes time: Please allow 14 business days for the production of your custom orders. Your custom necklace and bracelet  need time to craft and test, you'll see it's worth waiting when you receive it. We will send you an email as soon as production is completed.  No returns, exchanges, or cancellations for custom-made items during production. 

Letters Available: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ( No Symbols and Special Characters )