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This remarkable bold necklace perfectly showcases your distinctive personality and is suitable for any occasion. Every stone is hand-set with the utmost precision, giving it the same flawless shine as genuine diamonds found in high-end jewelry. The exceptional quality of this piece is truly remarkable. Let’s put your name or favorite word on this name plate to reflect your unique style . Leave us your name! 


  • Material Finished: 18k Gold, White Gold Premium Plated
  • Base Material: Copper - will not fade or rust
  • Stones: Flawless AAAA VVS Simulated Diamonds (CZ)
  • Setting: Handmade Micro Pave settings
  • Chain Type: Baguette  Chain


Quality takes time: Please allow 14 business days for the production of your custom orders. Your custom pendant needs time to craft and test, you'll see it's worth waiting when you receive it. We will send you an email as soon as production is completed.  No returns, exchanges, or cancellations for custom-made items during production. 

Letters Available: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ( No Symbols and Special Characters )